Friday, 1 May 2009

my bright is too slight, to hold back all my dark.

i definitely think this will have to be my first ever diy project!
image: lookbook.

apologies for the lack of updates, i'm now into the last two weeks of my a-levels = stress levels reaching new heights.
it's all going well though, but lots and lots of revision and essays to be done.

i'm really going crazy on shopping at the moment to take my mind off it. however, it is all fine, as i've sold the majority of my wardrobe and have around £250 coming in over the next couple of weeks, and my mother has come into some money and has promised me a shopping spree!
today, i bought 'the little black book of style' by nina garcia, which i love. it's none of this bollocks
"you should wear this because you are curvy" or whatever, it's all about having confidence to pull of anything, key pieces, etc. also, a cute notebook from paperchase for £9, and a bowler hat from topshop, for a whole £1.
god bless the sales.

this weekend will comprise of working 7-1 each morning, god help me, doing lots of work, and trips to see tom again.
have a great weekend everyone,
love, xoxo


Leonora Haig said...

The shorts are FANTASTIC!
You should be very proud!
G'luck in all your exams
Looking forward to seeing what you got shopping if you post about them

Joelyne said...

i like the chains on the shorts!!! ♥


Flora said...

Best of luck for the exams, I'm sure you will storm them!
All that shopping should see you through!

Le fran├žais parisien said...

The shorts are a m a z i n g. Perfectly ripped, and the chains make the whole outfit!