Thursday, 3 September 2009

i can see you burning with desire for a kiss, psychobabble all upon your lips.

my obsession for acne seems to be growing, especially with these images of their spring/summer collection.
from what i can see, i love the baggy grey trousers and the peach/white dress, which i could definitely see ashley olsen wearing.

what are your opinions, and whose s/s collections do you love?

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

you got a fast car, i got a ticket to anywhere..

i'm moving away with the boy very soon, to somewhere where the winter weather could be much, much worse or much better.
anyway, this is my autumn/winter wishlist..

what are you wishing for this autumn?

90's revival.

oh. sweet. jesus.

wtf is pixie doing? the outfit is one thing, but the hair is another. her shitty, tacky extensions have now turned her hair into a mullet.
i literally have no words. she looks like she's raided the bad sections of oxfam.
and the thing is, she looks like she's trying to do 90's grunge and looking like she doesn't care, yet clearly does because she paid to have those extensions put in?!
awful. just awful.
this is a prime example of celebrities daughters having an interest in fashion, classing themselves as 'alternative' and wearing 'unique' clothes, and people seeing them as this unique being and this 'fashion icon'.
she's not, clearly. she looks like she slept in a dustbin and put on whatever she found in there.
she should never be allowed into a fashion show ever again.

for those of you wishing to pull of 'grunge' successfully, look to the usuals - zoe kravitz, mary kate, etc!