Wednesday, 13 May 2009


i've got to get myself down to h&m, and soon!
it would help if i hadn't just sold a load of clothes on ebay, made over £150 and spent it all so soon.
i've gotten a lot out of it though:

a new vintage satchel, an anna sui purse, a beaded black dress, a vintage white clutch, some rosaries, two pairs of vintage clip ons, a pair of black studded boots, a vintage 'toilet' sign for the new flat, and some peg leg trousers. oh, and £45 in the bank.

not terrible all in all!
i don't really know what the lack of updates has been about. a lack of inspiration, and time mainly.
i finish college in two days.
the past 7 years of my life over with, boom.
honestly, i can't wait.

love, xoxo.


Kathy said...

love that grey skirt!

The Fashion Connection said...

this is so lovely, i need moneysss hah

Le français parisien said...

Some lovely pieces!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

all these pieces are so gorgeous, relaxed chic is my fav style! and i finish my days as a undergraduate on Wednesday, kinda weird! :)