Tuesday, 28 July 2009

we'll talk while the sun goes down, and watch the lovers, leaving town.

my favourite editorial from august's uk vogue.
whilst stuck in the rainy, dull north of england, i always find myself dreaming about how i would much rather be in paris, even if it was rainy and dull, i'd spend my days looking round small boutiques and little coffee shops.

well, hello! my laptop has been broken for months! and i finally got it back today, so expect much more blogging from now on! i've also got to create a new blog, as i learnt today i have two summer projects to do before university in september. i thought i'd mind, but i find myself stuck indoors with nothing to do in this vile weather, and no money to spend, so the idea of getting stuck into two fashion projects is quite exciting me!

love, xoxo.