Sunday, 26 April 2009

i'm running away with you, just like i always do..

oh my oh my oh my!
i wish! the perfect summer tank, oui?

my weekend has been lovely, spending time with the boy, drinking in the sun, making the most of it as it's due to rain starting tomorrow! also planning moving back in together during my exams, and talking a lot more seriously about him moving to brighton with me for university next year.
aahh, parfait.

hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
love, xoxo

p.s. it's too small to see in this picture, but the tank is!


stephanie said...

i j u s t bought that tank lol!

i didnt want to initially, but finally when i saw it in person, i caved it soo bloody perfect!


Joelyne said...

great tank top! :)


B B said...

loveee that top, its better in white though
Awsome blog girlie

fabulous everything said...

i want an awang tank badlyyyyy