Friday, 19 December 2008

wow, another post. this is pretty good for me.

since last thursday i haven't been in school. i've led in bed, or been at chris and ash's with tom, every single day. doing work, but still. this whole stress thing is really starting to affect me. i'm tired all throughout the day, and then when it comes to time to go to sleep, i can't. i stay awake until at least two a.m, which really is something for me as i'm usually falling asleep by half ten. and then when it gets to getting up, i'm amazingly tired, and i can't bring myself to get up. more than twice this week, the thought of going to college has reduced me to tears. and usually, i enjoy it so much, i love seeing my friends and i love the majority of my lessons. :/ we broke up today, and i spent it in bed, watching sex and the city when i should really have been doing coursework, or at least going to school.

tom's gone to portsmouth until christmas eve, so that gives me time to do absssoluteeely nothing, except buy christmas presents, make the scrapbook i'm giving tom for christmas, and do revision and finish coursework. so i guess that seems like quite a lot..

but yeah. i bought this dress today from my grandad, who just gave me money for christmas. call me lame, but as soon as i saw it on diana vickers i've wanted it ever since, aha!

love, catherine.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

it's been seven hours, and fifteen days,

so, i haven't written in a longgg time, again. everything's going generally well.

i'm just waiting for christmas, really. it's two weeks of college until the holidays, and i wish it would come around now. i've got three pieces of coursework in before i finish, and despite not feeling especially stressed, i am. i've got a twitch, which i am LOVING (:/) and i'm grinding my teeth loudly every night, which tom is loving. he wakes me up every single night telling me to stop it, i think i'm going to have to get some mouth guard fitted, which i'm not looking forward to.

but really, everything's not going fantasticly well at the moment. i've got all this school work to do, and me and tom have either really good days with each other, or really bad days. one minute, we'll be acting absolutely in love, and the next acting like we're on the jerge of breaking up, which can't really be helping with my 'stress'. i've got far too much on my mind, and i'm sick of this routine.

tom asked me to move in with him, and i really, really want to, especially seeming there's no guarantee he's moving down south with me next year, as he's looking into going to university again.

and speaking of that, i've got one offer from southampton, and an interview with northbrook college, for fashion journalism and fashion media and promotion. i'm dyiiinggg for my first and second choices to respond!

i think i'll go and sort my clothes out now/files/do some work/online shopping for christmas.
too much to do :/