Friday, 20 February 2009

one day we're gonna live in paris, i promise, i'm on it.

retail therapy has been my new vice at the moment.
no coursework, no essays, no revision. all i've been doing is selling, buying, and dreaming of clothes.
so far i have received: brogues from my mother, a gorgeous cream lace dress from topshop off my mother, a fabulous 80's jacket, shoulder pads galore, a topshop long vest/dress a la wang, and gorgeous grey ankle boots in a sale, at just £15.
now, i am officially skint.
i just spend my last five pounds, despite payday only being yesterday, on twenty cigarettes.

however, the new myspace selling clothes mania means i have also got a gorgeous mock-croc vintage bag coming, and two pairs of vintage earrings.

currently listening to: strobe, friendly fires.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

lets drive to brighton on the weekend,

looks like this might just be my new home, as of september '09.
quite frankly, i really can't wait!
even my mum is going, 'oooh! i must be invited down'.

anyway enough daydreaming about moving to brighton!
v magazine, elle decoration, and i-D magazine.
oh, thrown in with a little sex and the city.

Friday, 13 February 2009

everything around you will become supersized,

i am beyond bored. i've got my conditional offer, now i want my loan, and to just pack up and leave. i'll live in a little flat, hopefully with tom, surrounded by vintage clothes and furniture, looking like something straight out of apartamento magazine.

my mum's taking my shopping soon, seeming she's saving so much money now i don't live there anymore, it's only right she spends it on me, ha! i think we'll be spending most of the trip in topshop, after doing a little online shopping beforehand.

currently listening to:
digitalism, pogo.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

she's elusive, and i'm awake.

so, another little update from moi!

i've just received a letter saying i've got an unconditional offer from the university i want to go to, to do fashion media and promotion! so very excited. my laptop is now fixed, and so i am spending the entire night on it. and my style at the moment is 'chavvy chic', which yes, i did just invent.

i want this entiree outfit. so far, i have the glasses.

Describe your personal style: indie, vintage, scruffy, modern.

What are the staples in your wardrobe? black tights, stirrup leggings, dresses, big cardigans, brogues, one black coat, vests, monochrome colours.

What's your signature look? messy hair, bare face and bright lips, monochrome basics, prints, never wearing jeans!

What inspires you? the people i see, although never those in real life.

Who is your fashion muse? i honestly don't have one.

Favorite purchase of all time? my vintage topshop heels, motel dress, vintage satchel.

Biggest splurge? i never, ever splurge, i'm far too skint.

Beauty routine? foundation, ysl touche eclat, dior blusher, mascara, vaseline.

What jewelry do you never take off? my opal and sapphire ring i inherited from my grandma.

What are you wishing for? a record player, a typewriter, to be going to university now, and lots of dolla.

What are your obsessions? overpriced fashion magazines, online shopping and selling.