Thursday, 7 August 2008

a silent smile,

i suppose the 'i'll write in a few days' just failed really. i'm almost three weeks into my summer holidays, which is half way, and i've not really stopped. the first week i just spent time with tom, and then went to scotland, and i spent the whole past week with him until he dropped me off at home yesterday, kissing me on my doorstep.

i'll write more often, or i'll try to the next few weeks, i just feel like i never have any time, and i just end up repeating everything i've been doing, which isn't especially interesting to do. i wish i could write a deep, meaningful blog about my feelings, but i can't, because i don't feel much right now except complete happiness.

actually, i do have one complaint, one feeling other than that..
a longing to get out of preston, grow up, have my own apartment, my own money, be independant. i suppose i've started off feeling like this after being with tom, who's twenty two and lives miles and miles away from his family with all his friends. i mean, that's great but i don't even want that. i've lived in preston for seventeen years, and it is not me, at all.. it's full of 'chavs', primark, cheap people, cheap things, lager louts, a place where anyone with a slight bit of individuality gets laughed at or gets strange looks. in a way, i cannot wait until i can go to university, because it'll be in surrey or london, or at least down south, and i'll be moving away from everything that i dislike about preston, or lancashire in general. i know, i'll miss my family, my friends, tom if we're still together, but i'll be embarking on a whole new experience that i feel i really, really need.