Tuesday, 21 April 2009

full stops and exclamation marks.

i've had a severe lack of inspiration for posts recenty, so i thought i'd show you all some of my favourite possessions, and along with my favourite clothes, what i would absolutely make a grab for if i had to leave in a fire!
my vintage typewriter, inherited jewellery box, inherited lockets and opal ring (this is perhaps my favourite thing ever, i only ever take it off for a shower. it's a huge opal, surrounded by sapphires, and i love it!), a small collection of my vast collection of vinyls, my vintage vinyl player, and of course, a couple of fashion glossies must be included!

so now, i invite everyone who might possibly be reading this to share, what are your favourite possessions?
love, xoxo.


Joelyne said...

love the typewriter... it looks so nice on that desk!

my favourite possessions are:

my lamp, which has an antique look, and the top is painted with flowers.

my pink laptop!!! windows is annoying me, so i think i might install linux.

a necklace that has a cross on it from my christening and a locket engraved from my mummy :)


lluvyi said...

Those lockets are beautiful!! :) I have a thing for lockets so yeah. I havent ripped the jeans yet but I'm planning to though!

Flora said...

Beautiful pictures, love the soft colours of all your favourite things!

Speshly like the opal ring- big fan of opals as have them in my engagement ring, I call it my rainbow ring..
My favourite thing at the moment is ummmm.. a vase of queen anne's lace that I picked and a beautiful teacup service that I won at a dusty auction on saturday!