Friday, 17 April 2009

i am calm, a pearl in your oyster.

apologies for the lack of updates, my internet was disconnected. i'm now living back at the mothers after the landlord busted his way into the house, and went apeshit at the huge hole in the ceiling, expectedly. although it's his fault.

so, i'm back at my mum's, being annoyed already by my brother, although he only he's going back to university tomorrow.
my tiny, hovel of a room is taken entirely up by mine and tom's belongings, all in boxes, so i can't even dig out my 200+ fashion magazines to cheer me up.

plus, back to the hellhole college on monday, for quite possibly the hardest eight weeks of my life.
what a depressing entry of me.
i promise better ones soon!



jessica said...

well to make you feel better, you look amazing !!

10.15, saturday night said...

oh, that's not me, my dear! just a look i liked.

i should probably start putting up sources :/


Leonora Haig said...

Thanks so much for your comment of concern, that was really sweet of you :)
I am ok now though, me and my boyfriend broke up but now we're back together!
In fact the things I've read about your boyfriend in your blog reflect a lot on what my boyfriend's like, I remember a few posts back the "He said it!" one, I went through the same with mine ha
Hope everything get's sorted with moving and everything, I can imagine it being pretty weird moving back into your parents after living with your boyfriend.

fabulous everything said...

i love this look!
hopefully your days get better. i am back living at my parents for awhile since i just finished college and life already sucks!!! :(

Victoria-H said...


coco said...

Such a great dress, I love all the colours.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

that's an amazing style!! hope your days get better soon :)

Lola-Elise said...

this is gorgeuos..LOVE the

Lola. :)