Monday, 13 April 2009

well, i'll confess all of my sins after several large gins.

but still i'll hide from you, hide what's inside from you.

ah, i had a fantastic conversation about the sheer brilliance of the libertines with a stranger on saturday night.
however, worse comedown of my life on sunday, hence the lack of updates!

i'm in the process of throwing out or selling the majority of my clothes, and starting over.
re-thinking my image and style completely.
although, as a size 12, 5'2 girl who lives in the most boring city in preston ever, surrounded by people wearing tracksuits, it's a little bit difficult.
i'm starting a fashion course next year, and i need to look good! absolutely not the sort of person who wears sweats and hoodies to college or university!

first: i need white high waisted peg trousers & gladiator platform shoes, to go with my tri-blend grey american apparrel tee.
wish me luck!

love, xoxo

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A "cheery" disposition said...

I love her! I think she is just so cute.