Saturday, 31 May 2008


as much as i honestly do love the internet, it needs to go away. if i'm not writing on here, i'm on myspace, or facebook, or internet shopping. not only do i not have the time to do this, and right now should be desperately trying to cram media and history into my brain, right now i don't have the money to be internet shopping either. i'm so incredibly tempted to buy a skirt from american apparel, but i know i should save my money seeming i'm going to a five-day party next week and need lots and lots of ££££. and! i'm missing hollyoaks right now.

anyway, tom came over, enjoyed his meal, we went to the pub, had a nice night. i went to his thursday, after meeting eddy, and drove about, drank a bit, and he took me to the sex and the city movie, which i thought was really nice of him, seeming a) he is a boy b) he clearly doesn't enjoy sex and the city and c) i'm sure he would much rather have just been at home doing something else. also, he paid, and for drinks as well! so, i felt very happy, and then the film was just incredible. throughout, i was gasping, biting my nails, close to tears, or beaming with happiness. it honestly was just everything i expected. the wardrobe, especially, was breathtaking, fantastic. some outfits were a little, 'eerrhh?', but i believe having style is not following the trends, it's having the confidence and esteem to wear anything you like and pull it off, despite what others may think when they see it.

afterwards, was slightly strange. probably just due to the high love content in the film, i felt so close to tom. and i felt, like i should tell him something. but then i doubted whether i should, seeming we've been 'official' for just over a week, and seeing each other for two months. and i know, i know it's far too early to even mention the L word, but recently i'm finding it difficult to avoid despite my own doubts anyway. aaahhh! boys eh.

i stayed at his thursday night, and got woken up to chris and joel telling us his car had been broken into at 6.45 am, which was quite horrible. it seems people had tried to hot wire it, and either gotten disturbed or just given up, because they obviously didn't manage to steal the car. they did manage to steal some quite important things to tom though, but he's fine with it. so he took the day off work and drove me home to work, where i went, and where i have been this morning for six hours.

now, hollyoaks is calling and so is revision, as much as i really, really do not want to do any, i know i need to a lot tonight or i will be crying and panicking tomorrow, haha.

most likely won't be writing much over the next week, working and revising more tomorrow, six hours of exams on monday, and then i'm at toms until friday which will be super :) then he's going to portsmouth though, which is crap.

p.s. looking forward to this tonight!

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