Wednesday, 28 May 2008

this is an emergency,

despite setting my alarm for eight a.m. today, i woke up at one, not even then. and despite thinking i could sit down and do an amazing amount of revision today, i've done none.

tom is coming over later, and i'm making him a vegan meal, with chips incase he doesn't like it, haha. hence, i need to get a shower, and get ready, and do more revision before he arrives around 7.30, by which time the meal needs to be ready also. we're going to the pub after, and i reeeeeally want to wear my new purple peep toe heels, but they're a little inappropriate for a quiet, country pub.

i've seen an outfit sarah jessica parker wearing in the new SATC movie, that i want to recreate, involving a long cardigan, over the knee socks, shoe boots, a skirt and a plain top, but i'm having difficulty, despite it sounding so simple.

i think that's my plans for tomorrow, going to see that movie with tom, who actually agreed to go and see it without me falling at his knees begging or bribing him with sexual favours, haha. and to pay a trip to oxfam vintage after seeing far too many items i neeeeeeeeeed after my visit on saturday. i'd also enjoy a new magazine, or two, or three..

love, catherine.

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