Sunday, 1 June 2008

elle est,

i'm a firm believer in the thought that everything happens for a reason, and i really believe in karma. believing in this results in the idea that bad things happen to bad people. so today, my bag was stolen. my mother and i were putting flowers on my grandma's grave, a nice, caring thing to do. and whilst we were doing this, despite only being gone from the car for less than five minutes, some yob smashed my mother's car window, and stole my handbag, containing my ipod, phone, purse with £110 in it, bank card, four history books, cigarettes, a ten bag of weed, revision notes, ysl make-up, pencil case, and a top. honestly, i cried for about an hour, not only because i'd lost the majority of my most prized possessions, as well as a bag i was in love with, i'd caused my mum's car to be broken into.

so after this, i thought, as pathetic and cliche of people to think after this sort of thing, why me? what had i done to deserve this, if everything happens for a reason, and what goes around comes around?

and then it just made me think of how despicable the public of the majority of england are today. tom's car was almost stolen on friday, and then two days later about £500 of my possessions were stolen. i honestly feel lost without them, and i hate not being able to contact tom, especially today. we spoke on the phone for about an hour before, but i need to speak to him tonight, i need to just be able to text him and complain about history and media revision getting me down and for him to cheer me up. i've been revising for quite a few hours now and nothing is going in, so i'm going to go upstairs, to the quiet of my room and do more, probably until about 12 o'clock.

the only thing that has kept me going throughout this weekend, and the 15 and a half hours that i've worked, which the money has just gone to that bastard who robbed me, is the thought of tomorrow night. tom is picking me up around 7ish, but i have to pack and have a shower beforehand, we are going to meet eddy, and then it's five days of me and tom, and messy, messy times.

love, catherine.

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