Wednesday, 2 September 2009

90's revival.

oh. sweet. jesus.

wtf is pixie doing? the outfit is one thing, but the hair is another. her shitty, tacky extensions have now turned her hair into a mullet.
i literally have no words. she looks like she's raided the bad sections of oxfam.
and the thing is, she looks like she's trying to do 90's grunge and looking like she doesn't care, yet clearly does because she paid to have those extensions put in?!
awful. just awful.
this is a prime example of celebrities daughters having an interest in fashion, classing themselves as 'alternative' and wearing 'unique' clothes, and people seeing them as this unique being and this 'fashion icon'.
she's not, clearly. she looks like she slept in a dustbin and put on whatever she found in there.
she should never be allowed into a fashion show ever again.

for those of you wishing to pull of 'grunge' successfully, look to the usuals - zoe kravitz, mary kate, etc!




Celebrity daughters piss me off so much. They piss my mum off even more! haha.

I just can't bear that they take all the jobs away from perfectly qualified models who need modelling for their livelihood, and can't live off mummy and daddy.

If they weren't Geldofs or Le Bons or Willis' and were just girls off the street...they wouldn't get anywhere near a campaign contract

Ban the celebrity daughters until they find their real, own talents!

Camilla said...
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Camilla said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog
I agree with everything you said about pixie she looks a complete mess
where are you studying fashion media and promotion?

English Rose said...

Ha I know I want the boots mostly!! I need that kind of money first!!

And YES I SO AGREE! I hate most celebrity daughters, apart from Coco, Stings daughter, if you can, get the new issue of Love, and you'll see what I'm talking about!

Pixie is trying TOO hard, to look effortless.

Thank you for looking at my blog <3

Jasmine said...

also, completely agree with you...what the hell was she thinking!