Thursday, 27 August 2009


i am so in love with these acne boots. i want to buy them when i get loans, but is it okay to spend £335 as soon as loans come through?!
i do get a maintence grant that i don't have to pay back of about 3 grand, but still!
opinions, yes or no?

i also want the sam edelman boots that are currently on, they're only about £210!



coco said...

This is a fab look. I managed to find the Rachel Zoe Project on Zshare the other day thankfully, but thanks for the offer - what site did you find it on? It's such a good episode. LOVE the show.

Leonora Haig said...

They do some shoes just like this on the topshop website i think.
I've only seen leopard print ones but i think they do plain black ones.
Have a gander!

P.S would be much cheaper, needless to say.