Monday, 5 October 2009

it's all false love and affection.

i cannot stop thinking about these babies.
miss selfridge, absolutely gorgeous.
plus, they have 20% student discount now so i can have them for a mere £40, instead of £50.
bargain, eh.

apologies for the lack of updates, i moved from preston to brighton, about 300 miles, and have been staying with the boyfriends parents, until friday when we finally got our own place. i've started my fashion media & promotion course, and i'm currently unpacking and decorating the flat, i'll post pics as soon as i'm done!



Francheska said...


becca. said...

there gorgeous.
i dunno i think its coz everyone loves balmain, and one of the latest collections was all studs.
now there the thing everyone has to have.
garments with studs haha :)
hope you have fun decorating you're flat!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

AMAZING boot! And enjoy Brighton, it's amazing!!

We'll be back!
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Have a lovely lazy Sunday xx