Sunday, 24 May 2009

let me in!

as my love for oversized fashion, art and photography books continues, i thought i'd add this to my collection.
'let me in!', mario testino.
as you can tell from the selection of my favourite photographs, there's just so many amazing shots.

love, xoxo.


lluvyi said...

Beautiful pictures! Argh I know how frustrating it can be looking in several different H&M stores and not finding anything! Too bad H&M trend is not for sale on :(

coco said...

I love this book. I think Ashton and Demi are adorable. And the pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal topless are too yummy for words.

Faridah said...

Incredible images! So beautiful.

KAELA said...

I want that on my coffee table! :)