Saturday, 30 May 2009


nude vest, zara. acid wash vest, topshop. grey cropped tee, asos. studded boots, ebay. black bodycon, topshop.

thought i'd share my latest buys, thanks to the mother, as they're really the only thing making me happy at the moment. me and the boy are having quite a few of problems, and i'm trying my hardest to make him happy, i just don't seem to be doing a great job.
so this weekend was meant to be fun, but he went home.

anyway, happy weekend to you all!

love, xoxo.


Leonora Haig said...

Amazing amazing amazing
I love it ALL!!

honeyortar said...

Fab boots! Studs never get old. xo

Faridah said...

I love everything!! Especially the cropped shirt

Anthem said...

This is great x

Faridah said...

Thank you! Congratulations to you too. I hope you and your boy have had a lovely day.

Great buys too!! xx


Wonderful boots...who are they by?