Monday, 30 March 2009


just this once, i'll go into crazy mode in this blog, and say I GOT FUCKING LEEDS TICKETS! HELL TO THE YES!
the line-up, thus far:

it was mine and my boyfriend's year anniversary on sunday. i bought him this joystick thing that is controlled by your brain?! pretty hi-tech.
so he took me shopping for presents, and i was majorly disappointed to find absolutely nothing that i wanted! and so, i decided that unless you are insanely rich, or have very generous rich parents, and can buy these one off amazing pieces, you have to walk round in the same styles, or even same clothes as everyone else. one of my friends informed me she saw a girl wearing my exact cream lace dress from topshop, and my exact brogues. if i had seen this girl myself, i'm sure i would have died of shame.

and so, my boyfriend is buying me vinyl player, and a sewing machine, so i can start to make, and customize my own clothes, because, forgive me to those topshop lovers (i used to be one of you) but everyone looks the same! i live in a small city, which just one vintage shop, which i visit very often, but it's limiting. so i resided to buying practically all my clothing from topshop, having no urban outfitters, no zara, no mango, etc! but in the store yesterday, i saw nothing that stood out to me, nothing that i knew no-one else would be interested in.

and so, i'm giving up. i'm making my own clothes, customizing pieces from high-street stores that i love, not just like, and trailing through rows of clothes at vintage stores, and charity shops. so i think, trips to manchester or just bigger cities will be needed soon! plus, i need to find inspirational pictures, as i am no designer!

rant over, and now the history coursework begins.
how was everyone's weekend?
love, xoxo.


Flora said...

JEALOUS!!! Much?!! Only this evening I said to the hubs- I have to see Radiohead play live in my lifetime..

And congrats on your first anniversary!
I look forward to seeing some of your customized outfits.

Antonia said...

I am SO jealous! This is one of the best line ups I've seen!! You'll have SO much fun!!