Saturday, 21 March 2009

after returning home from work, and kissing the boy goodbye, this is what my day consisted of.
buying flowers for mother's day tomorrow, mary kate's interview, i-D april, history revision, receiving my lovely new necklaces through the post, and listening to the postal service vinyl on repeat.

ahh, lovely.


Leonora Haig said...

Postal service vinyl aaah that's sick!

Tjejsajten said...

what a pretty photo, and what sounds like a lovely day!

beautiful blog

xo xo

vintageveggie said...

fabulous blog dearie.

Antonia said...

Thanks love! And yes, 8 hours is quite a drive to shop! Hence why I was thrilled to find UO was liquidating here!

Christing said...

pretty pic! thanks for your comments on my blog :-)

Brighton is really nice, laid back, bohemian. My favorite areas are the laines and kemptown! it can be slighty taken over by students and hen nights in the summer, but other than that it is a fun place to live! I'm sure you'll love moving there!